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Karste Consulting Inc. believes that Disaster and Emergency Preparedness is a process, not a project. Our goal is to create disaster and emergency resilient communities and organizations.

What We Do
  1. Disaster / Emergency
    Preparedness Education
  2. Disaster / Emergency
  3. Disaster / Emergency
    Management Training and Exercises

  1. Emergency Operation Center
    Design and Equipping
  2. Site Safety and Vulnerability
  3. School Site Emergency Operations
    Planning and Training

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Our focus is “How To” – Plan, Prepare, Train,
Equip and Exercise your team.

Our core values are:

1. Have an emergency plan.
2. Everyone should be prepared.
3. Everyone should be trained.
4. To create specific programs based upon the needs of your organization.
5. To create a sense of confidence within your team.
6. “Keeping it simple” – non threatening atmosphere of learning.
  1. Aggressive, yet with a practical perspective... they have helped us to create an effective program to prepare our employees.

    - Freddy Ripoli
    USS POSCO Industries

  2. A valuable asset to Law Enforcement training as well as training within any city government.

    - Allan Cantado
    Chief of Police, Antioch

  3. Lonnie helped make the information accessible and helped to lower anxiety around the seriousness of an emergency on site.

    - Kessa Early
    High School Principal, Novato Unified

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